Aerobatic, spin and upset recovery training

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Aerobatic, spin and upset recovery training!

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Compton Airport (KCPM)

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$250 Discovery Flight
45 Minutes

$390/hr Dual Instruction

$350/hr Dual with a 3 hr purchase

$60/hr Ground Instruction

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Pitts Aircraft

The Planes

There are Pitts Specials and there are "other airplanes". The two shouldn't be confused. I learned that in my youth; and it rings true today.

I got to hang around Torrance airport as a youngster and got to fly in Citabrias and Stearmans, as well as an SNJ Warbird.

One of the guys had a Pitts S-2A and I got to fly with him several times. As a boy, the Pitts was THE airplane. There was nothing sexier or more exciting!

I have had the good fortune of having some great mentors in my aviation career. My purpose is to give that sort of mentorship to others. I've owned S-1 and S-2 Pitts aircraft since 2003 and have a passion for these little stinkers!

The Pitts is the closest thing to flying like a bird. They do inverted flat spins, torque rolls falling backwards, loops and rolls. There really isn't a position that a Pitts isn't comfortable in. You're as safe tumbling around the sky in a Pitts as you are in a 45 degree turn in a "normal plane" (Cessna, Piper, Etc.)

                         The Training

I offer spin training, as well as dual aerobatic training and discovery flights. "Take a spin with us." You won't regret it!

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